Ford’s New Focus RS500 – What is the Future for the Focus?

Ford Focus RS500?

In the last year or so, Ford has definitely gained a top spot on the Hot Hatch love list for many petrol-heads out there. The 2016 Ford Focus RS was a groundbreaking 2016 release when it showed the market what really could be the limits of a 2 liter engine. Many enthusiasts lost their crap, including me, when they heard that the Detroit giant might be pulling out 350 horses from one of their ecoboost engines. And with its AWD and 2.3L ecoboost I-4 engine pumping out 350 hp and 350 lbs/ft of torque, the Ford kicked a*s. Since early 2016 though other manufacturers have pulled up their socks too, namely Audi and Mercedes. Audi announced its insane update to the RS3 Sportback earlier this year, which produced a mind-blowing 400 hp. And rumor has it that Mercedes might also be cooking something with its A-class hatchback to reach that benchmark.

But now we are hearing that there could be a Ford Focus RS500 in the horizon…or will it? Earlier this month, reports from Autocar have it that a fully functional prototype of the new RS500 was spotted testing at the Nurburgring. Just like the previous-gen RS500, this one will be more powerful and more track-ready than its standard sibling with allegedly around 396 hp from the same 2.3L ecoboost engine. Unfortunately, Autocar also claim this vehicle might not go under production, at least now, due to the problem that the car will enter Mustang pricing and spec territory which could hinder its sales and also that Ford has re-cycle its current Focus by the beginning of 2018 (the RS500 is supposed to mark the end of the previous-gen Focus). So I guess all we have left to say now is “when”?





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    1. Yeah sure man I honestly personally loved the MkII Focus RS with the I-5 Engine..

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