iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison – Innovation vs Renovation?

It is that time of the year again! The month that sets off waves of new smartphone releases, notably the OG iPhone. This year of course we have had a little surprise with Cupertino’s latest comprehension of the 2017 smartphone (not like we already knew from the mile long leaks) and announced 3 “new” iPhones! Starting off from the standard to the more exciting, we first have the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus which are basically the exact same iPhone 7 from last year with updated internals and a new glass back (for supporting wireless charging). But obviously the star of the show was the iPhone X which brings Apple into the bezeless smartphone trend we have been seeing a lot in 2017. But lets not forget Samsung, arguably the first mainstream company to truly advertise and bring the bezeless idea to the smartphone market in 2017 and their most powerful device yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8…

 <–Note 8       iPhone X–>

iPhone X:

As far as design might be concerned these two devices are not very similar, except for the fact that both have an all glass back. The iPhone X follows the same strategy as previous years, metal jacket with same button layout but of course with the major difference this year, the new extended display! The new display is OLED and features a slightly higher resolution (1125 X 2436) than Apple’s standard 1080p. And to accommodate the bunch of new sensors for the new Face ID, the device has a rather elegant looking nudge on the front bezel.

As for specifications and features we have:

  1. Apple A11 bionic chip 6-core CPU ARM, 2 high power and 4 low power. 3GB RAM.
  2. Two twin stabilized 12MP camera’s, one is 2x zoom for more detailed zoomed images
  3. Capability of 4K video recording at 60 frames per second
  4. 5.8 inch SAMOLED display (1125 X 2436) with 458 ppi (89% scr:body ratio)
  5. 7MP Secondary shooter
  6. IP67 certified dust and water resistance
  7. *Battery capacity is undisclosed as of now but estimated to be* around 3000 mah

And well of course we will have to talk about the headlining feature, that FACE ID feature that happens to be completely replacing Touch ID.

The feature uses the FFC, an infrared sensor, dot projector,flood illuminator and ambient light sensors to create a 30,000 dot precise blueprint of your face:

  1. First the ambient light sensor on the front take note of lighting conditions in the environment and based on amount of light allow the flood illuminator to send of invisible IR rays on your face

  2. Then the dot projector will project 30,000 dots on your face to make patterns of facial features

  3. The IR sensor will then measure distances of IR rays that reflect back and stores data of dot patterns to create and image of your face and stores it on the A11 chip itself (hence the name “bionic”)

As for shipping and pricing for the iPhone X, it will be available for ship on November 3rd at $999 for 64GB and $150 more for the 128GB version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

The Galaxy Note 8 was released in mid August this year and definitely has a lot of mixed opinions in the crowd. As a first many old Note enthusiasts are proud that they at least have a new Note this year as rumors, following last years disaster with the Note 7, put forth that Samsung might be discontinuing the Note lineup completely. And there are the second group of people who are critiquing the Note 8 for being too similar to the S8 Plus and not offering any “innovation”…

I personally think that the Note 8 amazing but of course not perfect, supporting both arguments. Before shedding light on my thoughts here is the spec list:

    1. Snapdragon 835 Soc 2.35 GHz Octa-core CPU ARM
    2. Dual stabilized 12MP cameras with 4K at 30fps capability
    3. 6.3 inch 1440p SAMOLED display with 521ppi
    4. 83% screen:body ratio
    5. 8MP secondary shooter
    6. IP68 Water and dust resistance
    7. 3300 mah Battery


Overall this device is amazing and beautiful.The software might not be perfect but again the highlighting features of this device are the S-pen and the undoubtedly the iris scanner. I love the S-pen since it is so useful when you just do not want to touch the screen with your slimy fingers and when you just need that extra precision while playing a game or signing a document. Many people really demonstrate hate towards the S-pen for being too “gimmicky” and not justifying the Note 8 being better over the standard S8 Plus. I think the larger footprint, additional specialized camera sensor  and the S-pen make it worth it for me over the S8.

Pricing will begin at around $980 depending on your carrier and the Note 8 has been available since September 19th

But this comparison is not between the S8 Plus and the Note 8, it is against the new elephant in the room the iPhone X. Now first thing that most people would consider is the performance, battery life and software experience but unfortunately since the X is about 2 months away, no one can really compare them as of now. Testing has revealed the iPhone 8 being very smooth and fast in operation in the software and since the X hosts the same exact chipset, it might be just that little quicker in day-day operation.

Another point of comparison will probably be the iris scanning on the Note 8 vs the FACE ID on the iPhone X. The Note 8 system works with infrared scanning on your eye and gathers information on the shape of your iris using infrared rays, and as a backup it uses an image of your face as well to better detail the user. The iPhone X uses the method on your entire face rather than just your eye . Security will depend on testing when the X comes out so we cannot directly compare the two as of now as well..( I will post a new updated section for when the X comes out)

So bottom line is if your are currently splitting hairs between which phone to get, we recommend waiting until the iPhone X physically becomes available and try it out yourself. Or if you already have a preferred operating system then you should stop reading right now and just go either way.



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