CES 2018 Las Vegas – The Best in Tech!

The annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in the great state of Nevada is undoubtedly the largest technology based show on the planet right now, and with AI and the scale of hardware increasing in this new digital age this show has become more than just a bunch of new laptops and phones on a platform! These new years have seen the release of autonomous self driving electric cars, ping pong playing robots and massive 8K 10,000 nits TV’s. And hence with any further due here are some of our favorite tech devices from CES 2018!

1.Razer Project Linda


Remember last years Razer Phone? That 5.7 inch LCD 120 hertz display beast developed by one of the most popular gaming hardware companies in the world? Well, Razer has showed up to CES with a new concept portable laptop “snap-on” for its flagship phone that will turn it into almost a Razer Blade Stealth PC. There is absolutely no hardware on the PC itself except for the keyboard, webcam and some ports since all the processing will be done on the Snapdragon 835 featuring Razer Phone. The interesting part is the fact that the phone will be integrated into the PC in such a way as to act as a trackpad for the UI. The software itself will just be an expanded version of the one on the mobile version but will have productivity capabilities kind of like the Pixel C and Samsung’s Dex. The PC “snap-on” will feature a 720p webcam above the 13.3 inch LCD panel (120 hertz), an extra 200 GB of SSD storage and a USB-A/USB-C port combination (and of course the beautiful 3.5mm headphone jack). As of now however this device is just a concept and we cannot assure if this will make it to production, but we really hope it does!




2. Vivo-Synaptic Under Display Sensor 

Yes it is officially a thing now, finger print sensors embedded underneath smartphone glass are starting to make steam and have been a long-needed technology to save crucial space on a smartphone chassis. Companies like Lg, Samsung and Apple have long been working on this idea and to try to put them on their flagships for months and years now but have as of now have not seen daylight. Now here we are in early 2018 and Synaptics have debuted their new under display optical sensor at CES 2018.

Synaptics is a hardware manufacturing company that has years of experience building touch pads, mice and capacitive fingerprint sensors, hence it is no surprise that they have been the first to crack this technology and have partnered up with Chinese manufacturer Vivo to debut their sensor. This optical sensor is now under mass production according to Synaptics and works only with LED panels as it works by sending light signal through the display/ glass to record fingerprint patterns and stores them on the SoC, an LCD contains a backlight and a solid crystal panel and hence would not allow any signal transmission. But since we do expect most smartphone companies to stick with their OLED technologies, we cannot wait for 2018 flagships to feature this very useful sensor!



3. Byton EV Concept

In this advanced and electric car age we are in right now, CES has become a great opportunity for start-up electric car companies to showcase their latest concepts/ideas to a very open and demanding market. With the fore-coming downfall of the “gas-car” and the uprising of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these electric cars are great places to test such autonomous technology and CES as a result has been seeing a lot more of participants with a lot more audience. One of this years highlight EV concept cars at CES was from the Chinese manufacturer Byton with their fully-electric crossover vehicle rivaling the ever growing mid-size SUV market. Just like many other EV concepts Byton hopes to completely change the electric car market with an incredibly smart SUV filled in luxury and technology all over the inside.

With this concept, they have embedded a whole encrypted network inside the car for its passengers to use with bandwidth speeds upto 1000megabits/second along with sim-cards and Bluetooth/NFC compatible displays and UX. The Byton EV concept will also be featuring an advanced full autonomous driving mode (yes, just like auto-pilot in a Tesla). They also promise an electric propulsion system and battery capable of ranging upwards of 320 miles and will feature fast DC charging to upto 80% in half an hour. And yeah, inside the Byton concept features a 49-inch wide touch screen panel on the front dashboard, although not a lot has been revealed about its software and functionality. A very amazing concept indeed right in line with the Tesla Model X and Faraday Future but are they gonna be able to turn this concept to reality in an age fighting towards a COMPLETELY automated driver less future? We will have to wait..


4. Huawei Mate 10 Pro



One of the worlds top most smartphone manufacturers, Huawei has showcased its biggest and baddest flagship of all time at CES 2018– the Mate 10 Pro. This is one of those devices belonging to a chain most popular in Asian markets but not all that well known in markets in the US or Europe. However the Mate 10 Pro has made it on this list for the fact that it is one of the only Huawei flagships to ship to the US even if carriers are not comfortable hosting their phone.

The Mate 10 Pro is a very capable smartphone with a massive 6.0 inch 1080p OLED panel and a huge 4000 mah battery pack to power the onboard custom silicon Kirin 960 and 6 GB of primary memory. The interesting part of this processor is its support for Artificial Intelligence for the dual Leica engineered camera system. AI and machine learning is a very growing and important idea right now and the processor in the Mate 10 has individual storage to detect different objects of an image shot by the camera and differentiates using patterns in the pictures. It is an idea similar to the upcoming Snapdragon 845 for 2018. With Android 8.0 Oreo, 128GB of storage and IP67 water resistant rating this is a super great phone for only $799 unlocked!