The Next Generation of the Modern Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S10

Last year’s Galaxy S9 was polarizing to say the most. With abnormal and minor updates to the already amazing S8 chassis, the S9 was tame and dare we say, boring. But 2018 had more in store, a lot more. Companies by the likes of Apple, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo churned out some amazing devices with new tech we didn’t expect to see. The notch was dead as we saw the implementation of a new design, the hole punch. And that is exactly what the S10 will take advantage of…

We’re closing in on the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, with the official Unpacked launch event happening this month in San Francisco. You don’t have to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date of February 20, however. New Galaxy S10 leaks are spilling out almost daily now, and have potentially given us an early look at what we suspect Samsung’s smartphone for 2019 might look like.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be a more significant upgrade compared to last year’s relatively incremental spec bump from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy S9. It’s enough of a tempt all of those holdouts who are waiting for the next big thing in order to upgrade their Samsung phone.
It’s rumored to have a fresh-looking all-screen display with less bezel at the top. Not only that, it may have ‘hole punch’ front-facing camera embedded in the screen’s top right corner.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will be one of the first smartphones to support the faster Wi-Fi speeds offered by Wi-Fi 6. Regulatory filings from Samsung, spotted by Droid Life, reveal that three models of the upcoming phone will include support for the brand-new Wi-Fi standard.

Those speed gains won’t do much right away, though. Almost no one has a Wi-Fi 6 router, and you’ll need one to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6’s improvements. Wi-Fi 6 also doesn’t offer immense speed gains for individual devices. It’s supposed to improve performance in homes or on Wi-Fi networks where a ton of devices are connected (say, a home with a bunch of smart gadgets installed), and those devices will need Wi-Fi 6 to really see benefits, too.
There haven’t been many Wi-Fi 6 devices so far, but the Galaxy S10 suggests that could be about to change. The phone likely comes with Qualcomm’s new top-of-the-line processor, the Snapdragon 855, which includes support for Wi-Fi 6. That chip isn’t being widely used yet, but it should end up in many of this year’s flagship Android phones, bringing some of the first Wi-Fi 6 devices to the market.

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Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S10 at the end of the month. We’re expecting three models at launch: a standard S10, a larger S10 Plus, and a lower-cost S10E. A 5G version is also expected later on. Overall, we believe the S10 will be the gateway to a brand new market of smartphone technology, something we can’t wait for!