About Gizmolyf

Welcome to GizmoLyf

At Gizmolyf, our goal is to spread the knowledge of everyday devices/gadgets and developments in popular and expanding sectors such as smartphones, cars, laptops, etc. We want to create a diverse online community for people from all technical areas, from technology geeks to automobile enthusiasts. We believe that there should be a mix of understanding of various topics in our online and social society. This idea is what gave birth to Gizmolyf! Here petrol-heads and technology enthusiasts unite to form a strong and innovative online community!


Including our web domain, we also have an active presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! (@gizmolyf)



Gizmolyf was founded by Sarvesh as an underclassman in High School.

Being surrounded by gadgets and Lego, Sarvesh began to take interest in the knowledge of technology and machines he used on a daily basis. He wanted to look into how these gadgets work, their components and also the various types of technology involved in them. Over time this idea grew more and more on him and Sarvesh found himself incorporating the idea of keeping up with the latest developments on technological advancements in the consumer electronics, automotive sectors and energy fields through social media. His urge to develop an online platform for enthusiasts like himself gave birth to Gizmolyf. Sarvesh wanted to learn about technologies and topics in the fields of IoT, Computers, Smartphones and Automobiles and decided to share his learnings and research with the vast online communities of similar enthusiasts. Spreading awareness of new ideas and technologies online is a great method to spark the birth of newer and more advanced solutions to some of the most challenging problems faced by the world.

Sarvesh is a current high school student motivated to pursue electrical engineering and computer science in higher education to help develop solutions and innovate in the modern technology and energy fields.

  • Language experience: HTML 5 , CSS, Python 4 on IDLE, Scratch, Structured Query Language (SQL for database management) and Java Script (for controlling how applications and websites interact with hardware)
  • Tools experience: Rasp. Pi 3,  GoGo board (for its excellent new UX program), Autodesk Fusion, Flow Design, MS Office
  • Daily smartphone: 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Hobbies:
    • Watching motorsports like F1 and the World Endurance Championship (WEC),
    • Practice playing video games with friends
    • Watch videos online on YouTube
  • Extracurricular Interests:
    • Tennis and badminton
    • Racing
    • Science Olympiad
    • Underwater robotics (SeaPerch)